Community and Social Impact

Dolanto’s Social Responsibility

Dolanto, an Infrastructure advisory company, demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility through support for two key organisations: Red Cross and Yarra Foundation. Dolanto Lifeblood Team, associated with the Red Cross, exemplifies their dedication to community health and welfare. Additionally, their support for the Yarra Foundation, a charity aiding disadvantaged children, to further cements their social impact.

Dolanto Lifeblood Team (Red Cross)

Dolanto’s Lifeblood Team, in collaboration with the Red Cross, plays a crucial role in promoting community health and well-being, demonstrating a deep commitment to societal welfare and life-saving initiatives. Our Team members every month donate, Whole blood, Plasma and Platelets and these are being used to develop live saving products. Enter Our Team Name <Dolanto> and see how we make a real difference.  

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Yarra Foundation

Through supporting the Yarra Foundation, Dolanto contributes to empowering education in Iran, providing essential stationery to over 3000 disadvantaged students, thereby aiding their academic growth and offering them a brighter future amidst challenging conditions. 

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