Elevate Your Organisation with Our Four Horizon Consulting Services

At Dolanto, we offer Four Horizon Consulting Services designed to empower organisations to achieve their goals through a unique blend of an athletic mindset and data-driven expertise.


01. Diagnosis

In the Diagnosis phase, our team engages deeply with your organisation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project objectives. We create a strategic roadmap that connects these objectives with the appropriate teams, setting the foundation for our consulting services.

02. Transformation

The Transformation phase revolves around crafting an end-to-end value stream map and a comprehensive delivery program. We prioritise a phased strategy that respects your organisation’s current state while strategically designing the future state.

03. Escalation

During the Escalation phase, we pinpoint gaps and identify opportunities for future enhancements, helping your organisation plan for ongoing improvements while staying on course for success.

04. Consolidation

The final phase, Consolidation, focuses on evaluating the designed versus implemented roadmap. We provide ongoing monitoring and assurance to guarantee successful implementation, safeguarding that your transformation efforts culminate in success.

Project Storytelling for Informed Decision-Making

Infrastructure leaders aiming to convey actionable insights from their organization’s challenges must master the art of storytelling. It’s more than discussing technicalities and problems; it’s about transforming complex business problems into compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders at all levels. This skill is vital for senior executives who need to make informed decisions on allocating limited investments among various projects.

To craft effective stories, you need a structured approach covering concept development, exploration, character building, and narrative structure. This enables you to create stories that engage decision-makers and motivate them to support new initiatives or embrace change.

In some instances, these stories need to bridge gaps in understanding, paint the bigger picture, and unite diverse ideas for collective success. Your asset and infrastructure projects are no exception.

Our experience collaborating with senior executives in boards, government agencies, and treasury departments equips us to help you influence the emotions and thought processes of your decision-makers. We offer the following services to support you on this journey:

  • Project Storyboarding
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Investment Brief Designing

By integrating compelling project storytelling into your infrastructure decision-making process, you can effectively connect with decision-makers and achieve your objectives with greater efficiency.

Program and Project Management

Our comprehensive project and program management services are designed to ensure the successful delivery of your infrastructure and asset projects. We offer end-to-end project management services, covering project planning, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and project reporting.

Our program management services include program planning, benefits realisation management, change management, and governance frameworks for rescuing at-risk projects. With our experience as Independent Project Gateway Reviewers for the Department of Treasury in Australia and New Zealand, we bring a wealth of knowledge in managing complex projects and programs.

We provide independent assurance and advisory services to ensure compliance with government policies and guidelines. Our team of certified project and program managers utilise best-practice methodologies to deliver outcomes that align with your objectives.

Our services encompass a project governance model, program management framework, independent project gateway review, project management plan, benefit realisation, and change management plan. Let us help you deliver successful outcomes for your infrastructure and asset projects.

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Data collection and Analysis

We specialise in helping asset-intensive organisations overcome the pain points of poor asset handover processes due to a lack of information.  

We provide state-of-the-art data collection leveraging laser scanning, drone surveying, and photogrammetry. Our data analysis services utilise Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, and point cloud processing to ensure infrastructure and asset-intensive projects have the necessary data to make smart investment decisions.  

Our team helps develop clear and concise data standards, clean existing unmanaged data sources, and utilise a range of techniques and methods to inform your decision-makers about the challenges and possibilities. 

We also develop a data governance framework and data quality reports to inform the confidence the investment decision-making confidence level. Our expertise enables organisations to operate and maintain assets effectively, make informed investment decisions, and achieve better business outcomes. 

We can assist you with the following: 

  • Data Governance Framework 
  • Data Gap Assessment 
  • Data Standard Development 
  • Data Collection Investment Plan 
  • Asset Register and Data Dictionary 
  • Data Quality Report 
  • Asset Data Collection and Condition Assessment 
  • Asset Data and Services Dashboard 

Technology we are specialised  included but not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Large Language Model, Video and Image Processing and Advance Analytics and Deep Learning.

Fire Modeling & Bridge Impact Assessment

Living Asset Management Maturity

Strategic Asset Management

Infrastructure management is about people, places, technology, and process. The landscape is interconnected and complex, dealing with diverse stakeholders with different needs and ambitions. In order to ensure the infrastructure and deliver an outcome, the activities need to be well coordinated.  

Communication between the stakeholders is a challenge as we speak different languages based on our subject matter expertise in our organisation silos. Our strong understanding of complex environments in Transport, Health, IT and Telecommunications, mining, and construction is based on our experience with executives on asset owners, operators, and maintainers. ISO 55001 is a mechanism to connect the dots and enable you to align policy, strategy and plans to de-risk the investment plan and ensure the organisation is on a pathway to deliver sustainable outcomes to the public and stakeholders. 

We can assist you with the following: 

  • ISO55000 maturity assessments and improvement roadmaps 
  • Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) Attestation 
  • Asset Management Policy 
  • Integrated Management System Review 
  • Asset Intensive Operating Model enhancement  
  • Asset Management Change Plan 
  • Capability Frameworks  
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan 
  • Tactical and Operational Plans 
  • Criticality Assessment, Prioritisation and Optimisation 
  • Life cycle Planning 
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)  
  • Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) 


I worked with Alex in my role as Chief Data Officer at the Department of Transport and Planning in Victoria.
Alex brings a unique blend of energy, growth mindset & strategic thinking to find creative solutions to complex problems.
Alex achieved many great results, of note was leading the Artificial Intelligence state-wide data collection for Roads, the Victorian Road Maintenance Contract outsourcing model, and Asset Data Governance and Information System for the Department.
It was a pleasure working with Alex and would highly recommend him.

David Martin
Chief Data Officer – Department of Transport and Planning Victoria
I worked with Alex at Rio Tinto Iron Ore at Marandoo during a project that increased the mine sites production by analysing the whole value chain, identifying bottlenecks and then putting plans to implement. Alex always displayed a very strong technical ability, strong desire to improve the business and passion for doing his job. He was heavily involved with improving reliability in the heavy mining equipment area of trucks, diggers, dozers etc. He particularly displayed asset management and reliability engineering expertise, strong project delivery and stakeholder engagement and skills in process improvement to reduce variability and drive sustainable business bottom line results.

Shalini Saldanha
Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) Lead – Rio Tinto Iron Ore

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